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Clipper case for multiple clippers

The Barber Box V5 Review

Whether you’re a professional barber or just starting out, you should have an organized element in place. You shouldn’t be scatter brained about your tools, and that includes more than just the basics. As you grow into the profession, you’ll no doubt acquire more equipment, but it’s imperative that you look into a few things that will help you keep organized, especially when you’re trying to look the part of a professional as well as become one.

The Barber Box V5 is the answer to the notion of getting organized with relative ease. It’s something that most people don’t even thnk about until they see it. It’s a simple organization box that is meant for barbers, and professionals that work with hair. Once you see it, you’ll recognize it as something that you may need to continue your professional career. Even if you’re just starting out, or cutting hair is a hobby, this is a solution that you will no doubt want to consider. The following will illustrate whether this is a good option for you or not.

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The first thing that you’re going to notice about this option is that looks a lot like something a musician would have. It looks like a musician’s case overall, and it has several elements on it that are worth focusing. You’ll notice that it has a solid framework, and it is a box of sorts. It’s like a small suitcase, but it’s specifically made for barbers on the go.

Inside, there’s a built-in slot for you to have power strips, as well as removable blade caddy with several slots. The lid opens up to a 90-degree angle, and it stops. It has a removable lid that you can adjust and move if you’d like. There’s also a removable mirror, and many other elements that are ideal for your equipment.

The interior is lined with a soft material, and it cushions your equipment so that they aren’t fumbling around a lot while in motion. It’s small enough to carry with you everywhere, and large enough to take on a few of your best elements for cutting hair. The overall dimensions are 24 x 6 x 18 inches.

What People Are Saying

The reviews are mixed for this solution, and while there are some great overall reviews, there are some downsides to it as well. If you’re going to look into The Barber Box V5, you should know what some people are saying in their reviews, especially if they are not happy with the option that they have picked up. For the most part, you’ll find that this case does what it is supposed to do, and it work well overall. It packs your supplies, and keeps them safe. However, there are some things that it will not fit.

You have to consider the size and the shape of the box. It’s not large. Some people gave this a negative review because it wasn’t large enough to hold all of their sheers. That all depends on size, shape, and how many pieces of equipment you want to take with you. The dimensions are 24 x 6 x 18 inches, which isn’t a large box, but it certainly is something worth considering overall.

Some reviewers gave it 5 stars, citing it was perfect size for them. Many professionals also chimed in to say that this was a good option to consider, and definitely worth exploring for a lot of different reasons. It certainly is a good box, and it is well made, although doesn’t have perfect reviews across the board.

Pros and Cons

Before jumping on board with any solution, you should consider a few pros and cons based on reviews, and notes from those that have purchased it.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Professional Look and Build
  • Sturdy
  • Helps Organize


  • Some consider it too small

Final Note

Overall, you’re going to find that The Barber Box V5 is a solid box. It’s not perfect, but it has a lot to offer those that are looking for a good transportation box. It’s one that is easy to move with, and helps you stay organized while on the road. Whether you’re a professional or still learning, this is a solid box for keeping your gear together. It has a simple element to it, and looks a lot like you would see for musicians on tour. It’s meant to house your equipment, keep them from jostling around, and looks great overall. While it is not the biggest box, it certainly does the trick.